Fincheck Loan Review


Headquartered in South Africa, Fincheck is an online financial and loan comparison website that was launched in 2015. Fincheck provides clients with loans that come with the most attractive repayment terms, interest rates, and packages. In addition to personal loans, Fincheck offers debt consolidation.

Fincheck is the ideal online helper for finance and insurance shopping over the entire banking, lending, and investment industry in South Africa. The online loan services provider can be described as a financial supermarket that offers alternative options — all you have to do is tell them what you need and the Fintech marketplace will provide you with personalized offers. They partner with Finch Technologies group, a leading fintech brand that is committed to building a healthier and inclusive financial population in South Africa.

Fincheck is designed to help you make better financial decisions. They do this by helping you compare all their financial services products and options so you can choose the deal best suited to your needs. Thanks to their ever-growing partnerships with financial services providers in South Africa, Fincheck has become the largest financial services marketplace in the country.

Fincheck is free to use for all South Africans and fully independent. This means the financial information is honest and presented according to your personal needs. The online financial services provider has a lot to offer South Africans; just log in to the Fincheck platform and start the journey to financial freedom.

Fincheck Homepage


  • Attractive repayment terms
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Personal loans with the freedom to choose how you spend
  • Loans of up to R 500,000
  • Free to use
  • Fully independent


  • Offers only personal loans
  • Available for South Africans only

What Types of Loans Does Fincheck Offer?

Fincheck provides personal loans from R300 up to R500 000, with the freedom to choose how you spend.

How Does Fincheck Work?

Fincheck works in a way that provides you with various alternative options. Once you make a loan application, Fincheck will connect you with the best finance partner to help you make the best possible financial decision. Interestingly, it is important to note that your application on Fincheck is not actually a formal loan application! The formal loan application starts when once a partner contacts you.

What Are Fincheck’s Terms, Fees, and Conditions?

Fincheck offers personal loans only with attractive repayment terms, interest rates, and more. Loans range from R300 up to R500 000. The actual amount of money that Fincheck loans will cost you depends greatly on which lender you decide to go with, but most often, the initial charges for administration of the loan are in the range of R1200.

How Can You Qualify?

To qualify for a Fincheck loan, you must be a South African resident above 18 years old. Then, you can simply log in to the My Fincheck platform and check your credit score and eligibility.

How to Apply for a Fincheck Personal Loan

Applying for a Fincheck personal loan typically involves prequalifying for a rate, submitting a formal application, and awaiting loan approval. Follow these steps to apply for a Fincheck personal loan:

Step 1

Once you have entered your basic details and selected an offer, the Fincheck magic engine will ensure that your selected offer can get processed by the finance or insurance partner, and if not, it will let the next best partner know so they can reach out to you.

Step 2

The best possible partner for your financial profile will get in touch with an offer that matches your credit health capability.

Step 3

You can either choose to go with the offer the partner gives you or do another application somewhere else. Once you accept an offer from a partner, it turns into a formal loan application on your credit profile.

​The basic documents you will need for any application are copies of your South African ID, Proof of residence, Latest payslip, and Last three months’ bank statements.

Where Does Fincheck Operate?

Fincheck operates in South Africa.

Is Fincheck Reputable?

Yes. Fincheck works closely with the lenders they partner with. They are all registered credit providers, trustworthy, and have their details fully accessible on the NCR.

How Is Fincheck’s Customer Service?

Fincheck offers a responsive client team that can be reached via email, Messenger Live Chat, and online form.